Friday, June 2, 2017

Poor umpiring has threatened to ruin the game of college softball

Officiating and umpiring in the sport of college softball has been iffy over the years, and getting worse.  As more and more games are televised, the missed calls have become very noticeable.

But never has the sport seen worse officiating than this season, and especially in the NCAA Tournament and College World Series.  Television replays have shown multiple missed calls throughout this year's tourney, and in important, game-changing and season-defining ways.

From squeezed strike zones where perfect pitches are called balls, to obvious missed calls at home plate, and arbitrary obstruction and running out of the baseline calls, this season has been nothing but an embarrassment for the sport of college softball.  Unless things change suddenly, the sport could be ruined forever as botched calls destroy the game.

It's time for the use of video replay to become a part of the game.